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Over the years. We have questions in the field of The cars care, which comes to us repeatedly from time to time. Therefore, we thought that we could share with you. Perhaps you have ask yourself these questions one day ….


This depends on your definition of the word “best”, because of What you see is different from any other person.  What is the most important thing for you ?

  • If you are looking for speed, then “Ultimate Quik Wax” is the best Wax immediate and quick usage.
  • To stay for a long time and high-tech waterproof and made Professionally. Therefore, “NXT Generation Tech Wax ” is the best.
  • If you prefer natural wax, you will like our product “Gold Class Carnauba Plus Wax” with Global dose of “natural wax” substance
  • If you are looking for Cost, Value and Save of time, all these features will be in one product that is “Classic Cleaner Wax”. Surely, It’s a successful method.

All products are safe to use with new cars, but we must make sure that the coating of the new car has been cleaned well. If you get used to do several steps of periodic maintenance of the car, It will appear as if it had just emerged from the exhibition with shining appearance for a very long time. As Mr. Barry  always says, “Regular maintenance of the vehicle make it easier to take care of !”.

  1. Follow the five steps to take care of paint, and that is done by the use of specially designed products for Car Care.
  2. Wash your car weekly, using a towel and high quality Shampoo.
  3. Use a high-quality and efficiency wax for 3 or 4 Times a year.
  4. Keep the brightness of your car every time you wash it by using “Mist and Wipe Quik Detailer” to remove dust and pollutants From the surface of the car.
  5. Use clay as much as you need .
  6. Keep the elegance and beauty of the car from the inside and outside, and keep the tires by using protector for tires and high-quality leather conditioner.

Yes !!! All products are professionally produced so that they are safe on all clean surfaces. Our Company has  a long history and relationship with auto manufacturers and painting, so we ensure that the products are compatible with the latest technological techniques on the paint and the roofs of cars.

It depends on the severity of scratching. First, if You can insert your fingernail into scratching, This means it’s very deep and you will need to a Specialist help to correct that. but if we had a mild scratching We recommend you follow the following steps (noting that These products are completely safe).

  • As for scratches and very lights swirls (those circular lines reflecting light source on your paint of your car) “SwirIX” is the answer and it can be used manually, or by using “Orbital Buffer” or “Dual Action Polisher”. In case of manual use only, You can use “Clear Coat safe Polishing Compound” Produced as an extra step on the “SwiIX”.
  • As for severe scratches, oxidation or neglected paint, “Ultimate Compound” is the perfect choice, and it is safe for manual use or by using the “Orbital Buffer”, or “Dual Action Polisher” machine. In case of manual usage you can used “Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound” as extra step.
  • If the vehicle has some scratches, decorations or light prints, “Scratsh X 2.0” will save the needed strength safely to conceal and remove them all.

Isn’t this machine specialized only for car polishing centers ?!

As most car polishing centers use “Dual Action” polishing machine, so this machine is not limited for that. Generally it will provide quick and amazing results.  We have designed some special sponges for this machine For individual use and the centers so that to be used side-by-side with this machine. The “Dual Action” machine will correct the color of the paint of your car by using “Ultimate Compound” or “SwirlX” easily. Then you can use your favorite wax as much as you need. The most important thing in this machine is that it is safe, not dangerous and doesn’t leave any effects or clear circles on the vehicle paint (unless it is used in the correct way). Thus it is recommended to be used by professional and qualified persons.

The answer is you have to prevent forming the water spots from your vehicle from the beginning by using wax, washing and drying the car apart from sunshine. If suddenly you see water spots on your car we recommend you using “Ultimate Compound” after washing the car.

There is no specific period for staying wax on the car, but there are different factors affect on the period of staying for example, the type and status of the vehicle paint, the local environment, the exposure to light,the type of wax and quality of itscontents, the quality of shampoo used for washing the car, depends on the desires and the personal aspirations of your vehicle. This an example. But ,in general, we recommend that you put the wax on your car every 3 or 4 months or when you hear sound of roughness rasping of the surface of your vehicle after being washed.

It depends on your desire and expectations. For example”Ultimate Quik” wax spray gives amazing results in less than 15 minutes. But its lifespan is much less than liquid or putty wax.It’s difficult to make a comparison between them because both provide your car for a long time protection and add wonderful brightness.

Drying the wax depends on the temperature and humidity. Therefore, there is a simple test to know the perfect time for removing (just wipe part of the waxy surface with your finger not with your fingernail. If you notice that the region has been wiped lightly and without any inclusions or spots then the wax is ready for removal. But if you notice that there are any inclusions or spots wait for a short time and try again.

The “Ultimate” substance is the main constituent material for “Quik” where the “Ultimate” contains the Hydrophobic technique professionally produced which gives you amazing strength of water resistancewith wonderful brightness and smooth softness for car’s paint. In addition to coating of the surface of the car with protective layer lasts for a long time.

We realize that these aren’t the 10 questions which often we get, but we know that there are more questions. That is why we are here to give help :

  • The customer care center is ready to answer all your inquiries to our phone number : 0138878555
  • Work time is on Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 12:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • We are very pleased to communicate with us for more information on our website :